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Learn the Baccarat "Power-Shot" Betting System


Hi, My name is Mark, I am a Las Vegas resident and an avid Baccarat player. I've played for almost 10 years, I've tried just about every system out there and what I've found is that you can easily overload on all the "System" information available today and get twisted up in the game.


Baccarat is a simple game. Bet Banker or Player. A simple 50/50 game, why complicate it.  Every hand is independent of the prior hand, but every shoe has it's ebbs and flows (trends).  I've watched players go absolutely insane trying to figure out the next hand based on  the last shoe or the "Burn Card".  There are no 2 shoes alike so you must play each shoe independently. Our Baccarat System can be learned whether you are a beginner or a pro.


" I will give you the edge to bet with confidence."


This is something you may have already seen (if you've played before). But as we take a closer you will start to see what you've overlooked. I will guide you step by step on how  to use the score card, how to enter the results on the score card and best of all when to make your bet.


It's a very simple tool for the patient and disciplined player. Stop stressing, getting frustrated and just follow the score card. It tells you when to bet and that's it!


There are approximatly 20 betting opportunities per shoe and your average net gain per shoe can be from +4 to +8 units. I've actually hit 20 in a row and if the right shoe comes along (and it will), you too can experience the same success.


Why so inexpensive?


Because I believe this knowledge should be within reach of any player trying to tip the odds in their favor and become the next big winner.


The electronic score cards the casinos provide are not there for your benefit. THE CASINO IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!


" I can help you become a winner, try it you will be glad you did."

Power Shot Betting System
Baccarat betting System
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" Power-Shot " Betting System


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